Private Lesson Rates

Private lesson (30 minutes): $55; Series of 5 lessons: $220;

Junior private lesson: $45; Junior series of 5 lessons: $180

Golf Instructors

Dan Hotchkin

I believe the two most important part of a good swing are 1) a balanced and athletic set-up 2) a backswing that is compact and doesn’t have excessive movement.

Too many people go the to the range and just hit balls. Don’t just hit balls, Practice With A Purpose. Have a specifice movement or focus to each practice session!

Erik Klebosits

I believe in allowing the club to do the work. My hitting zone drill achieves this by emphasizing the free rotation of the clubhead with relaxed arm movement.

A proper grip is the beginning of a good swing.

Mike Schmelzer

Golf is a game that is meant to be fun. The more solid your fundamentals are the more fun you will have playing golf.

Everything starts at the beginning. The swing is much easier if you are set-up well with good grip, stance and posture.

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